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Our interest is in producing hogs that we would want in our backyard first and foremost. We chose the Guinea Hog for their temperament, ease of handling, health, pork quality, and low feeding costs and we are dedicated to that. We seek to only register a small number of our piglets that are worth continuing the breed. If a piglet needs doctoring or is weaker it becomes a meat pig. We do also do a small amount of crossbreeding to produce a piglet faster growing and easier to sell in the traditional market. We chose the Red Wattle to cross breed with for many reasons but mainly because the dominant traits of both breeds ensures that the hybrid piglet cannot be easily marketed as anything but. We are dedicated to helping rare heritage breeds survive. It is not our intention to start a new breed, and we will have occasional registered Red Wattle piglets for sale. Our Red Wattle girl is a good quality sow with superb mothering skills.


Guinea Hog Boar

Loves long walks on the beach

3 years old


Red Wattle Sow

Loves eating acorns

4 years old


Guinea Hog Sow

Loves to destroy pineapples

5 years old


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